Social programs

The firm commitment of DESSAU SYZ S.A. with the social responsibility in environmental impact studies and investment projects is evidenced with an integral approach to give support and orientation to our clients who require it.

The services developed by the social team of DESSAU S&Z S.A. have responded to the highest quality standards taking into account the current national regulations as well as those established by international institutions.

The social department of DESSAU S&Z S.A. is formed by a multidisciplinary and highly qualify team composed of specialties of: Economy, sociology, anthropology, biology, natural resources, renewable, among others. Which elaborate the management and orientation instruments, base don socio-economic analysis of the area of influence of the project, taking into account the opinions of the leaders of the existing organizations and institutions, and has the purpose of establishing an interactive communication and participation system and in the same way promote and involved the habitants residing in the area of influence.

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Line of Services

Local Development plans

It is a management tool that promotes the social development. In this way, established the bases in order to attend the unsatisfied needs of the population in order to improve the quality of life of every citizen.

Citizen Participation plans

DESSAU S&Z S.A., looks for comply with the current Peruvian legislation about the right of Access to the information and public consultation, indicated in a general way in the environmental law and D.S Nº 002-2009-MINAM – Transparency Regulation, Access to public environmental information and citizen participation and consultation on environmental issues.

Community relations plans

This is a program aimed to the localities of influence area, with whom it will be sought to strengthen ties of fraternity to have a good coexistence with the Company.

Social Management Plans

The Social management plan considers the set of actions aimed at upgrading, preventing, correcting, mitigating and compensating the impacts of the project in each of its phases.

The social management plan that the DESSAU S&Z S.A. team develops is focused on maintaining sustainable relationships with the communities in the area of influence, Based on dialogue, trust, respect and mutual collaboration.

Social Management and Supervision

Traditionally, the social management and supervision system have concentrated only on collecting and replicating the information.

The DESSAU S&Z S.A. team provides a basis for decision-making, to improve the design of social programs and the formulation of coverage, focalization and performance goals, restructuring/modification or closing of social programs. In this way, generate effective interventions and the investment projects become sustainable.

Development of participatory workshops and/or informative meetings

Participatory workshops, are oriented to establish a dialogue between the state, who is the project owner, and the population involved. with the purpose of providing information on the project, knowing the perception of the local population and promoting the participation of the interest group linked to the Project.

DESSAU S&Z S.A., since its registration as an environmental consultant, has successfully carried out citizen participation workshops, public audience and informative meetings.

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