Environmental studies

Specialized service unit, with joint experience in large projects of great impact, and with an estimated investment backlog of US$ 10,000.00 millions within the projects served in the last ten years.

Integral services such as execution of environmental studies, formulation and development of citizen participation plans, coordination and realization of workshops, seasonal campaigns of sampling for the baseline structuring, among others.

The specific experience is concentrated in the following sectors:


(Generation and transmission)

Transportation and communications

(Roads and ports)


(Dams and irrigation infrastructure)

Living place


Line of Services

Environmental Certifications

In Dessau S&Z S.A. we are dedicated to provide an integral environmental consulting, giving answers of our clients needs. We have experience in environmental management instruments, with a vision of sustainable development and ready to deliver a responsible work and according to the needs of the market.

We make consultancies, for the public and private sectors, our highly qualified technical team has the experience and seriousness to make High level works, focus on a Sustainable development of the environment.

Main services:

  • Preliminary Environmental Studies
  • Environmental impact statement
  • Semi-detailed Environmental Impact Studies
  • Detailed Environmental Impact Studies
  • Environmental Impact Studies Updates
  • Sustainability Technical Reports for the modifications of the Projects
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Environmental Adaptation Plans

Licensing and Authorization Management

We offer solutions to the needs of each Client, by managing the obtainment of the various permissions that the Peruvian State requests for the instruments of environmental management and investment Project.

Dessau S&Z S.A., has a professional team specialized in each management that is required and has the corresponding accreditations by the entities.

Main services:

  • Collection permit
  • Forest debris cleaning
  • Compatibility within Protected Natural Areas
  • Water use Permit (license of use, shedding authorization, reuse authorization)
Accreditation Management, Authorization and Technical Opinion
  • Accreditation of water availability, with which it is fulfilled the Approval of Studies of Water exploitation for obtaining the License of Use of Water.
  • The Authorization for execution of water use Works.
  • Authorization to occupy, use or turn aside the channels, riversides, marginal belts or water reservoirs.
  • Use of water authorization to execute the studies, Works, or Floor washing.
  • Authorization for the shedding of industrial, municipal and domestic wastewater treated.
  • Authorization for reuse of industrial, municipal and domestic wastewater treated.
  • Debugging authorization.
  • Sanitary authorization of the treatment system and disposal of domestic wastewater with infiltration in the ground.
  • Favorable technical opinion of the system of treatment and sanitary disposal of domestic and municipal wastewater for shedding and reuse.
  • Favorable technical opinion for the grant of authorization of shedding and reuse of treated industrial wastewater: shedding, reuse, zero o recirculation shedding.
  • Risk study
  • Contingency plan