The Department of Licenses and Authorizations at Dessau S&Z offers a wide range of services focused on obtaining the necessary permits for carrying out projects related to energy, transport, communications, agriculture, housing and mining.

Water Licenses and Permits
  • Procedures granting the water use license
    • Authorization for water availability studies
    • Accreditation of water availability
    • Authorization for construction of water using infrastructure
  • Procedures granting surface or ground water license
  • Water Use Permit
Archaeological License and Permits
  • Archaeological field evaluation
  • Certificate of Non-Existence of Archaeological Remains
  • Archaeological Monitoring Plan
  • Archaeological Evaluation Project
  • Archaeological Rescue Project
  • Studies of land titles and other rights
  • Identification of owners and possessors
  • Asset Inventory and appraisal
  • Negotiation and land release
  • Imposition of easement