Dessau S&Z provides the appraisal service and our technical reports allow our clients to know in depth all the anomalies and pathologies, ensuring greater transparency and reduction of risks in the process. We carry out property diagnoses, title studies, affectation and compensation plans, preparation of individual files with appraisal fines, legal physical sanitation, easement management, infrastructure interference management, negotiation, cadastre, among others.

Predial Diagnostics

Technical-legal procedures, which are carried out with the aim of identifying rights that may exist over a given territory or property.

Affectations and compensation plan

Set of actions aimed at mitigating the social impacts generated primarily by the need to release the areas necessary for the execution of a project, so that those affected receive fair compensation and adequate solutions

Preparation of Files
individual for appraisal purposes

Preparation of individual files for appraisal purposes necessary to carry out procedures for the release of areas that are developed as part of and establishment of easements. Calculation of compensation, direct negotiation with affected parties and signing of easement contracts and the like.

Legal & Physical Lad Arrangement

The legal & physical land arrangement of urban and rural properties allows to give legal certainty to the drivers of properties, and regularize the tenure of their land generating greater development in their locality. These procedures cover registration procedures, interstate transfer and independence of areas.

Management of easements.

Extensive experience in the establishment of easements; as well as all the previous procedures that this implies. It has extensive knowledge of the subject, being able to comprehensively advise natural and legal persons to obtain the right of easement.


For the preparation of files for the establishment of easements, management of payment for property damages, release of areas and other projects; a series of negotiations take place. It has vast experience in negotiations with natural and legal persons, as well as peasant communities, in the different regions of the country.

Infrastructure interference management.

In the presence of infrastructure interference of any kind, negotiations are carried out with the service providers or local utilities, organizations and public-private companies, for their respective management and subsequent release for the execution of a certain project.