Dessau S&Z has an outstanding experience in the electricity sector; having executed diverse services within hundreds of energy projects; including designs and supervision in large projects with more than 5,000 MW of generating capacity, more than 3,500 km in transmission lines up to 500 kV, and countless consulting studies in field as regulatory, commercial, financial, procurement of works and power supply.

In the hydroelectric field, the company has one of the largest experiences within the region, having executed services in more than 100 projects of diverse capacities (from 1 to 2200MW) – including initial identification, technical design, complete licensing development and general management advising until commercial operation.

In the field of energy efficiency, the company has a division of special projects for large consumers, offering solutions focusing in corrective measures in cost savings, technical optimization and vertical integration for own and co-generation.


  • Audits, technical and commercial due diligence of greenfield or brownfield assets
  • Advice on M&A to acquire greenfield or brownfield energy assets
  • Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Tariff rate analysis
  • Water resources evaluation
  • Hydrological site inventories
  • Energy production capacity evaluation
  • Management for the development of greenfield projects
  • Consultancy during bidding and contracting works
  • Supervision of studies
  • Supervision of detailed engineering
  • Construction supervision
  • Technical inspection of projects
  • Technical audits and surveys
  • Monitoring commissioning and testing
  • Specialized studies: electrical, hydraulic, sedimentological, hydro meteorological, geological, geotechnical, among others
  • Complete tendering package: studies, civil works and electro mechanics
  • Energy efficiency solutions
  • Sustainable construction and upgrading strategies
Civil engineering
  • Complete hydroelectric generation plant studies, from the development of the project profile to detailed engineering
  • Designs of all types of dams
  • Designs of tunnels and underground structures
Electrome canics
  • Demand estimates
  • Electrification Master plans and network interconnection
  • Studies of energy supply for industrial and urban projects
  • Comprehensive studies of transmission, distribution networks and substations
  • Line routing and design studies
  • Electrical studies for networks
  • Rural electrification
Energy Management
  • Optimization of the purchase cost of energy
  • Analysis of contracted power contracts
  • Implementation of monitoring systems and energy efficiency programs
  • Reporting of performance monitoring parameters facilities
  • Proposals for improvement of facilities and/or processes. Incorporation of new technologies
  • Project Implementation for own generation and/or co-generation